1.00  FLOOR  
1.01  Living, Dining,  Corridors

 Polished Marble / Stained    Timber Parquetry

1.02  Bedrooms  Stained Timber Parquetry
1.03  Bathroom  Polished Marble
1.04  Kitchen  Polished Marble
1.05  Service / Maid's  Area  Ceramic Tiles
2.00  WALLS  
2.01  Living, Dining &  Bedrooms  Painted Gypsum with Light  weight Masonry Block core
2.02  Master
 Polished Marble / Painted  Gypsum with Light weight  Masonry Block core
2.03  Bathroom  Polished Marble / Painted  Gypsum with Light weight  Masonry Block core
2.04  Kitchen  Glass Mosaic Splashback/  Painted Gypsum with Light  weight Masonry Block
2.05  Service / Maid's  Area  Painted Gypsum with Light  weight Masonry Block core/  Ceramic Tile
3.00  CEILINGS  
3.01  Living, Dining &  Master Bedrooms  Coffered Painted Gypsum
 Board Suspended
 from Concrete Slab
3.02  Other Rooms  Flat Painted Gypsum
 Board Suspended
 from Concrete Slab
3.03  Bathrooms  Flat Painted Water Resistant  Gypsum Board Suspended
 from Concrete Slab
4.00  WINDOWS  
4.01  Frames  Extruded Aluminium with
 Powder Coat Finish
4.02  Glass  Tinted Glass
4.03  Fresh Air  Ventilation  Openable Awning Sashes
 for natural ventilation
5.00  DOORS  
5.01  Bedrooms etc.  Solid Timber
5.02  Wardrobe  Timber with Veneer Finish
5.03  Handles, Locks  Import Quality
 Stainless Steel /
 Chrome Plate Finish
6.01  Bath Tub  Jaquzzi Spa Bath ex USA
 or  Equivalent
6.02  Sanitary Items  White Porcelain - Imported
 quality or Equivalent
6.03  Shower Screen  Door  Clear Glass Hinged Door,
 Safety Tempered,
 with Chrome Plate fittings
6.04  Vanity Cabinet  Marble Bench Top
 with Stained Timber
 Veneer Cabinet
6.05  Tap Fittings /  Towel Rack  Imported Chrome
 Plated Fittings
6.06  Hot Water
 Electrical - Mains Pressure -
 Rheem / Ariston
 or Equivalent
6.07  Maid's Toilet  White Porcelain
7.00  PANTRY  
7.01  Cabinets  International Design
 with Veneer /
 Laminated Cabinets with
 Stainless Steel Fittings
7.02  Kitchen
 Polished Marble Bench Top
7.03  Sink  Imported Stainless
 Steel Sink
7.04  Tap Fittings  Imported Chrome Plated
7.05  Appliances  Imported Bench Mounted
 Cook Top, Oven and
 Exhaust Canopy
7.06  Hot Water
 Electrical - Mains Pressure -
 Rheem / Ariston
 or Equivalent
8.01  Doors  Timber with Designer
 Laminate Finish
8.02  Internal  Fittings  Import quality adjustable
 storage system with
 Designer Laminate Finish